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Green…but not with Envy

     If you think you’ve heard enough about green, think again. If you’re thinking this blog is about how we can take better care of our planet…it’s not that. And I don’t want you to think  it’s because people associate  envy with the color green …Or the Jolly Green Giant…Or even the color of money. I wish I could say it’s about green emeralds.  No,   but it is about being green… as in…a person that doesn’t know enough about what they’re doing or that they don’t know enough about a particular subject. That is how I feel about the subject; beginning speaking. I’m green. And many times I refer to myself as “greenginger“. I’m a “greenginger” in money,regards to speaking about  the things of God to others and about  how to speak to them about God’s plan in a manner that wouldn’t be beating them over the head. However, I am not  a “greenginger” when it comes to knowing the Lord and knowing that He called me to be a speaker. God is bringing other women and myself who want to learn about speaking, writing and leading Women’s Ministry to the She Speaks Conference 2011. I’m glad there is such a place in North Carolina. The She Speaks Conference 2011 will help many women draw closer to  God and to His plan for their lives. It won’t be long before I am not green in the speaking arena anymore…but I think I’ll keep the name “greenginger“. If you have a deep desire to speak, write or lead in Women’s Ministry, but are a little “green“, come to the She Speaks Conference this July 22-24. You won’t want to miss it!  And by the way, I’ll be wearing the color green.


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