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14 and Counting

I’ve interrupted my series to share a special occasion with those of you  who have been reading my blog.

14 years ago I had come to a point of desperation because of my numerous failed attempts to quit smoking. Not an easy feat to be free of the frequent urge to light up and puff away on cancer-sticks.

My only hope was to turn to the Lord in prayer. “God, you parted the Red Sea. You raised your Son from the dead. Where’s my miracle? If you don’t deliver me, I will be lost forever- unable to repent.”

I prayed until morning and attended the Sunday worship service. Afterwards, I asked the Pastor to pray with me.

“What do you want me to pray with you about, Virginia?”

 I’m having trouble with this, that and the other thing. And,  oh, something I’ve been struggling with for 26 years.”

When he finished praying, I felt shackles pop off my wrists.  This chain smoker was no longer chained to smoking. I was free, free, free!

God’s power kept me from any temptation to return to the old habit, furthermore, I didn’t have withdrawal!

Now that’s a miracle!

August 23rd will always be remembered as my Spiritual Birthday. It was on this date that Jesus set me free.


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