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Off into the Sunset

The bright fall colors are not the only display of incredible hues. Take for instance the spectacular autumn sunset in the following pics.

The sunset  actually occurred on October 19th, 2009. It was the date of my late husband’s burial.

 Jerry will be missed, indeed. The images taken by my brother do resemble  the ’64 Chevy Belair Jerry owned and loved. It appeared to be  shrouded with light and clouds.

Close family members viewed the setting of the sun and commented  that the cloud shaped like his car was  going off into the sunset. God gave us a memory of Jerry’s going home to heaven that will last for quite a while.

God is good all the time.

His Presence in the cloud that hovered  over us, is evidence to me of how much He cares  and is there in times of grief or loss.


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