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The Summit of Save a Lot

Doc2gravestone clipart    What kind of dreams do you dream?  Happy dreams…scary dreams…romantic dreams…dreams of conflict, love or death? Most people will admit when asked, that they have had memorable dreams, but have you heard of  anyone who dreamt  big on saving money?

   I recently had a dream  after I had been at a monument and granite company. I wanted to have a memorial placed at my late husband’s grave before the deadline for laying the foundation this year. The  meaning of the dream became clear after I thought about it awhile.

   The dream’s location was in the parking lot of where I had been earlier that evening. I saw a “Save-A-Lot” store next to this monument business. ( In reality, an Italian restaurant was next door and the name was used as a landmark of direction by the business owner.)  I said to my daughter with special needs, “Let’s walk over to that store instead of driving there. It’ll give us some extra exercise” As we walked on the side-walk, it  began to ascend more than I was comfortable with for her safety.  I told Rachel to stop and wait a minute, I wanted to  see how much more the ascent of this walk would be.

  But the further I climbed, the steeper the path took me up…up, up, up to the top of the summit. On the peak I could see the  “Save-A-Lot” sign clearly. The next morning after I awoke, I remembered the unshakable  dream of  ascending that mount. It donned on me that the summit stood for the name of the other monument company I had gone to a year earlier. I had discounted this company because of their cutoff date for the foundation laying might not be in my timeline.

   I realized the Lord had spoken to me in the dream in an unmistakable way. Though I do not shop at “Save-A-Lot”, I would save a lot at Summit  ______  _____ . 

   I called  the family owned monument company to inform them I would be coming in to look at the gravestones for the color and size I wanted. I found their stock of memorials to be just what  I was looking for to honor my husband’s memory. What’s more, I was thrilled to hear the price of the gravestone,  it would save me just over $2,000!

  God is Great! “Who among the gods is like you , O LORD?  Who is like you – majestic in holiness, awesome in power, working wonders?” Exodus 15:11

  Has God shown you a wonder? Leave me a comment telling  what He’s done in your life lately.


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