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MY Daily Planner


Have you found that even with your best intentions your schedule is jammed with things to do? In fact, it becomes so full that you end up overwhelmed, irritable, resentful, and stressed-out.

I must be a “Type-D” person: Detailed-oriented, determined and sometimes dense.

How many time of schedule overload will it take before I learn to consult my daily planner?

This particular daily planner of mine is not your typical multi-lined date-book. This daily planner is the Master-Planner. When I consult or check with him what is on the agenda for the day, it makes a world of difference.

Instead of desperate, frenzy-filled to do’s, I have focus as to what is important for the moment, clarity and a keen perspective. I am able to accomplish much more than I would without the Master-Planner and am able to approach my tasks with peace, joy and gusto.

What about your daily planner? Care to share what works for you?


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