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The Pomegranate of Love

Pomegranate 1 (3)

The spelling of pomegranate throws me, I want to spell it another way, “pommegranite” , which is incorrect.
However you spell or read it, don’t miss the delight within.
Why would a fruit such as this be used in The Song Of Solomon, incorporated into the ancient method of tanning in the city of Fez Morocco to this day, embroidered in the weave of the Hebrew Priest’s robe, used in decorating the Temple built by King Solomon and considered to be one of the fruit trees in the Garden Of Eden? The abundance of information would fill the pages in a magazine article or a chapter in a book. But I’d like you to consider a different aspect within the fruit and seeds.

Today was the first day I’ve eaten from the spicy-sweet seeds tucked within walls of delicate fiber, which are much like the grapefruit or orange pith. In the past, I  have used the pomegranate in floral design and once collected it from a lady’s tree while visiting family in AZ. I brought her gift home to dry and preserve for decoration. Seems strange that I would buy the beautiful, exotic, red fruit  year after year during the Christmas Season and set them in a bowl just to look at. I didn’t know how to use them.

The juicy seeds burst as I tried to dig them out a few at a time. Mm, each red, succulent, crunchy,  spicy-sweet seed dazzled my senses. Thirst quenching and satisfying sums it up. It’s not quite like the sweet tang of black raspberry. The pomegranate is far more delightful when eaten.

The healthful qualities derived when eating this fruit are quite beneficial. It’s filled with antioxidants, vitamins, bio-flavonoids and tannin. I immediately felt refreshed from the dry, sub-zero effects of wintry weather I had been out in this morning. I  became energized as I absorbed the essence from this marvelous fruit created by an Amazing God. And, it’s not forbidden!

Pomegranate 2 (2)

Some would say the pomegranate resembles a crown, it certainly is a fruit fit for a King. The exterior is like supple leather and protects the juicy delicate fruit and seeds within.

What if each jeweled seed in this Pomegranate of Love were that representing the Gospel. If we were to take the seed of the Gospel and plant that seed in the lives of others so they may come to know, love and receive Jesus as their Savior, then someday that jeweled seed representing their soul will adorn a crown, a crown given us one day. A crown humbly placed at  the feet of Jesus. He is the victor of our souls.

I treasure the things of God and hope you treasure what He has given us, s well. His commission to spread the Gospel to people in our life, the individuals we have a burden to pray for, call, write, visit and talk with about the amazing love He has for all mankind.

Remember the illustration of the pomegranate, don’t leave it lying around as I did in my lifetime… Share the fruit of the message of the Gospel, plant the seeds and reap the harvest.


And this is to my Father’s Glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples indeed.” (John 15:8) NIV




Black Raspberry Heaven

 Jewel-like Black Raspberry

Jewel-like Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry

One of my favorite fruits to eat and use for pies, jams and frozen yogurt, though I usually buy it already made and ready to enjoy on a hot day, is the black raspberry.

I’m interested to see if you may like them as much I do or what your favorite fruit is. Just leave a comment and share.

“Ain’t Misbehavin”

The title to this song with its catchy tune has recently side-tracked me to find it on-line and I railed it up over to this blog.

The first time I heard it was many years ago while watching a BW movie called “Stormy Weather”, starring Lena Horne and Cab Calloway.

This past week, I again encountered the title, but it was in my thoughts as I reflected on waiting until marriage to enjoy the fruits of love.

“Ain’t misbehaving’. I’m saving all my love for you.”

Many would say I’m old-fashioned and that times have changed, in fact, the majority of singles at some point in their lives have skipped the ceremony and rushed to the honeymoon.

I don’t want to appear as if I have always honored my parental and moral upbringing that can be found in the following passages of the New Testament. (I Corinthians 6:9-11 and 18-20 NIV)

Having sex before marriage is sin.

I like to think of keeping sex inside of the bounds of Holy Matrimony as the safe zone. Outside that protective boundary it is hazardous emotionally, physically and spiritually.

So, in a similar way, the words sung by Fats Waller, “I’m happy to be up on the shelf”, is how I feel. That part of love I put up on the shelf for the proper time.

Honoring God brings peace and happiness to my soul. If you are single and in a relationship, I hope you will choose a godly lifestyle and wait until marriage to delight in the gift of sex. You will never regret it.

I’m glad I can’t get the phrase of this song out of my head. “Ain’t misbehavin’, I’m saving all my love for you”. I rather fancy singing my choice.

Perhaps you will savor listening to the recording of “Ain’t Misbehavin” sung by Fats Waller in the video I’ve pasted below.

Fruit as Sweet…

Fruit or Vegetable?

The Blackberry Harvest Part 2

Yes,  as you might guess from the picture of berries in this basket, I’m still picking blackberries.  But, as I promised to tell you in the earlier post, this is what I’ve done with the bounty so far.

I baked cobblers, a  blackberry kuchen served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and warm peach sauce, blackberry bars and made blackberry jam and jelly.

What an abundance of fruit!

Do you know we can have an abundance in our spiritual lives too?

What is spiritual abundance?

In my next post of the Blackberry Harvest, I will tell you how you can have abundance.

Blackberry Harvest

The blackberries I harvested this year were incredible. In the 11 years that I have lived in my neck of the woods, I’ve never seen this “much” abundance. You may be wondering what I’ve done with the bounty. 

First, let me assure you of the soundness of  my mind as I tell you that I love to pluck the little jewels .  That’s what they look like to me; jewels adorned with the glistening sun.When I see the berries shining in the brightness of a summer’s day and begin to gently pick the fruit, I am filled with joy and peace.  

Yes, I thoroughly enjoy standing amongst the canes that randomly shoot out in graceful arches, in spite of  pricks  from their thorns…where the harmless snakes have slithered oh-so-close for this nature-girl’s comfort…where the birds twitter because your are in the middle of their crop, thank you very much…where the spider crawls and hang in the intricate weaving of its web…where the mosquitos buzz about, sometimes lighting to enjoy a feast of their own. I love picking the wild berries. 

Have you seen blackberry branches as high as my son is tall(over 6 ft.)? If I can pull the arching branch towards me, I try to carefully extract the choicest of the plump drupes. I practice a type of yoga-gymnastics exercise as I reach into the maze of berry-laden canes and thorns, hoping to pick a better one than the last.  As I hold these  challenging  poses, it is at this point that I find myself saying prayers for safety…”Oh God, help me not to fall into the patch.” (I don’t want to end up looking like I wrestled with an ally cat.)

I have learned to don my armour of long-sleeved  jean shirts and long jean pants that cover every inch of skin on my arms, legs and ankles. I have worn gloves in the thickest of blackberry patches to lessen its prickles. However, with all my efforts to avoid the hazards of berry picking, I sit here today with a few stubborn prickles still embedded in my flesh.

To be continued…

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