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Beautiful Battle Hymn

Beautiful Battle Hymn


The Helmet of Salvation and the armor of God,

I don in preparation each day before I trod.

A war of unseen danger, in forces dark to roam,

The foe that wages battle, defeated long ago.

Yet still he causes trouble, for those who love the Lord,

To Christ I cling for refuge, His Word my wielding sword.

The shield of faith surrounds me, fiery darts can’t penetrate,

On knees I face the battle with prayer I saturate.

Transformed to His own image, a miracle each day,

I’d linger in His Presence, He sends me on my way.

To serve the risen Savior, and follow His command,

Lost souls to bring to Jesus, and snatch from Satan’s hand.

For God so loved the World He gave, His one and only Son,

That whosoever should believe, would live forever on.

I’ll tell them how He loves them, from sin to set them free,

His blood He shed to save them, He died on Calvary.

I’ve been in prayer to wrestle; against the evil ones,

That’s where the strongholds crumble, and victory is won.

Sweet victory is given, when yielding unto Him,

To God give all the Glory, the Beautiful Battle Hymn.


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