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God’s Green Blessings


I know St. Patrick’s Day is not far away because of the green decorations I see displayed in schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants,  and newspaper ads.

In particular, one of the decorations that has captured my attention is the green four-leaf clover.

I looked it up on the internet because I was curious as to its origins.  

I went to an on-line source called Facts about Four-leaf Clovers for the following information.

{What do the leaves symbolize?One leaf is for FAITH… The second for HOPE…The third for LOVE… And the fourth for LUCK!In Irish tradition the Shamrock or 3-leaf Clover represents the Holy Trinity: one leaf for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit. When a Shamrock is found with the fourth leaf, it represents God’s Grace.History of the four-leaf clover:The four-leaf clover is a universally accepted symbol of good luck with its origin ages old. According to legend, Eve carried a four-leaf clover from the Garden of Eden.”The clovers also occupied a position in the cultural life of early people. White clover (T. repens L.) in particular was held in high esteem by the early Celts of Wales as a charm against evil spirits.” Clover Science and Technology”. N.L. Taylor, 1985.Druids held the 4 leaf clover in high esteem and considered them a sign of luck. In 1620, Sir John Melton wrote: “If a man walking in the fields find any four-leaved grass, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.The mystique of the four-leaf clover continues today, since finding a real four-leaf clover is still a rare occurrence and omen of good luck.}
 I don’t know anyone who claimed to have been brought  luck from a  four-leaf clover, but I do know God’s Word  promises green leaves, even in the midst of heat or drought. 

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.

           He will be like a tree planted by the water

            that sends out its roots by the  stream.

                       It does not fear when heat comes:

                        its leaves are always green.

                               It has no worries in a year of drought

                                and never fails to bear fruit.”

                                                  (Jeremiah: 17: 7-8 NIV)

 I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the confidence that comes from trusting in the Lord.  As I grow in Christ-likeness,  the promises of green blessings  as noted in the scriptures above,  are mine.  My roots drink from the living water and my leaves will always be green even if there are fiery trials to go through.

 God’s green blessings to you!


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