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Face To Facebook

Doc1facetofacereflectionRomans 8 28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


   Have you done something that has wounded another individual(s) without having any intention of doing so, that you wish, if it were possible, could be rewound (no tacky pun meant) and done differently? If only I could have… Fill in the blank. Issues, issues, issues! Who wants them?

   What do you do with the issue of broken relationships that seemingly cannot be undone? You can’t go back and change anything, but you continue to live in the: should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve mentality. (Incidentally, it will make you a little more than mental to live there.)

   When we look in the light of Romans 8:28, we can allow God to work in our heart, in our weaknesses, and the circumstances surrounding the issues.  If we let him use what has occurred, whether they are caused by self or others, we then can become vessels that are reshaped for use.

   Then, they will know we are Christians be our love. What the world needs to see is how God can take offences we’ve caused and forgive, restore and heal. This will open the way for others to see Jesus, instead of our offences which prevents them coming to the Light.

   I was the offender needing God’s Grace. I needed to accept blame for the hurt I had inconsiderately caused others and I needed to let Jesus carry the grief that offended. When we offend others, it is also offends Christ. Oh, wounded hearts, there is Balm in Gilead. Jesus will take our sins, mistakes, sorrows, and pain when they are placed at the foot of his cross.

  Facing our wrong doing is the first step in the process of being free and forgiven. It allows us to look into the face of those we offended for mercy and love. While we are looking forward to seeing Christ one day soon face to face, let us look beyond offences done on Facebook.


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