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A Stitch inTine

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You may have seen them out on the rural back-roads these past couple of weeks. Planting season is upon us and some of us have been delayed because of driving slowly behind a tractor that was either on its way to or coming from a field.

My neighbor owns a 1957 401 Case Tractor. He obliged my request to plow a new patch of ground where I planned to plant a strawberry patch and a few vegetables. As I returned home from an errand, I heard a tractor running. I turned off my car, got out and walked around to the back of the house hoping find out why it was idling.

At first glance, I thought, “He’s hurt!” My neighbor was laying on the ground beneath the rear of the tractor near the tines. As I hurried closer, he seemed to be wrestling with the cable that we took down earlier that morning; the one I wanted to drag completely out-of-the-way so the tractor wouldn’t be encumbered. However, my neighbor thought part-way was far enough. A “stitch-in-tine” in this Case(tractor)could have saved two hours if I had pulled it back into the woods.

The cable, formally used as a dog-run, became an entangled nightmare around the tines of the tiller head. Have you ever been vacuuming a rug when a piece of the unraveling rug yarn gets tangled in the brush-roller head? I have. It can become embedded in the ends of the roller making it difficult to untangle. But this cable couldn’t be pulled free like the unraveled rug yarn from a sweeper head. The cable had to be put through one side over a tine, then pulled through to the other side again and again until we could begin to reach the horrible tangle. The wires of the cable had to be painstakingly cut through. It then required an oversized screwdriver to pry the cable loose, one wrapped rotation at a time.

Just when I thought we were making headway, we would encounter another tangle, time after time. My neighbor was more patient then I; I wanted to take the end of the tiller that held the tines off. The cable wires looked like they were melted together in some sections, but thankfully, they were not.

While working on this tangled mess, I couldn’t help but think about how it related to my personal life. My life had at times become so entangled with the things of this world that I could not get myself free. It took the patient help of Jesus to free me from addiction, relationships and sin. Many times His love would reach down and pry loose the grasp that bound me by the cable of consequences, resulting from choices that I’d made. Choices that cost time and kept me from becoming what God wanted to be.

Has this been true for you? Has the Lord been merciful to you providing you forgiveness and Grace in spite of your faults, failures or wrong choices that you’ve made in your life? If not, I want to encourage you to seek his help in untangling any cable that binds you from becoming free to serve him and live in joy, love and peace.

Heavenly Father, help us to be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing to Glorify You. Bless those that need your comfort and forgiveness and draw them ever closer to You.


Off into the Sunset

The bright fall colors are not the only display of incredible hues. Take for instance the spectacular autumn sunset in the following pics.

The sunset  actually occurred on October 19th, 2009. It was the date of my late husband’s burial.

 Jerry will be missed, indeed. The images taken by my brother do resemble  the ’64 Chevy Belair Jerry owned and loved. It appeared to be  shrouded with light and clouds.

Close family members viewed the setting of the sun and commented  that the cloud shaped like his car was  going off into the sunset. God gave us a memory of Jerry’s going home to heaven that will last for quite a while.

God is good all the time.

His Presence in the cloud that hovered  over us, is evidence to me of how much He cares  and is there in times of grief or loss.

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