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Is It Bigger Than A Bread Box?

   Have you ever played a game at a party where you tried to guess what the surprise was and another participant asked,”Is it bigger than a breadbox?” This phrase was popularized by the comedian Steve Allen when hosting the game show, “What My Line?”  At the time of airing this popular television program, the concept of a breadbox was well-known.

Would most people today know what a breadbox looks like?  Certainly, you could “Google” the term breadbox and find a variety of vintage breadbox selling on E-Bay. You could also find a fancy new breadbox online for about $100. Or you might find one at a garage sale.

 This past Sunday afternoon, I stopped at a garage sale after church. Normally, I would not be browsing the lawns, driveways or garages in my neighborhood on Sunday, but I was flagged by a huge sheet of plywood. ” “SALE” was painted in red letters almost the size of the piece of  wood.  I  put my car in reverse, (not recommended when cars have to go around you), and pulled in  the driveway behind another treasure hunter.

The need for more chairs around the dining table was in the back of my mind, but there wasn’t a seat in sight. What drew me further amongst the array of items was an old box. This was not your average garage sale find, it was made for a specific purpose and the sweet lady hosting the event offered its history.

She explained that it was once used to deliver bread. She showed me the embossed letters spelling “Vim Bread Company” on the lid. I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. It was just what I needed! Not to sit on, of course. I needed it to place the bread I baked in for the Bread of Life Ministry.

 ” The Bread of Life Ministry”  was titled as such because it describes  the act of ministering  the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my neighbors.  I have gone door to door in hopes of giving  a loaf bread that had been wrapped in foil and placed in a plastic bag.  Information was inserted into the bag that includes who I am, the recipe and a connect card from the Nazarene Church I attend.

This idea came from a lovely lady I never met. In a Revival service I had attended, an Evangelist, Lane Loman, retold the story of his beloved mother,  Pearl Loman. Pearl was a modern-day disciple of Christ who took the Great Commission seriously. She would go door to door showing her neighbors God’s love and giving them a loaf of bread she baked.  Ladies, this was before bread machines and the convenience of  Harvest Bread.

I hope to accomplish the same result as she: lives brought to Christ and transformed into His image. Some of the families in her neighborhood had made the decision to accept Christ as their Savior after praying with them.

 What would happen to our neighborhoods today, if there were others who followed the example  of this humble lady? 

 Those that make the effort to fulfill the Great Commission will have abundant joy in the Harvest, bringing their sheaves with them.


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