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Safe in the Storms

We’ve all seen some of the devastation Super Storm Sandy has done. Many people are among those we are praying for in their time of loss and despair.

As I viewed the pictures of the storm, I was reminded of the peace and  safety we can have in the midst of the storms of life. Now is the time to make preparations to  our spiritual house, or in other words, our soul.

The November Newsletter of the church I belong to contained an important message written by Pastor Martin. I am adding it to my post. 



The Blackberry Harvest Part 2

Yes,  as you might guess from the picture of berries in this basket, I’m still picking blackberries.  But, as I promised to tell you in the earlier post, this is what I’ve done with the bounty so far.

I baked cobblers, a  blackberry kuchen served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and warm peach sauce, blackberry bars and made blackberry jam and jelly.

What an abundance of fruit!

Do you know we can have an abundance in our spiritual lives too?

What is spiritual abundance?

In my next post of the Blackberry Harvest, I will tell you how you can have abundance.

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