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Seeking His Kingdom



Bible reading is different than using a devotional written by authors whether it is published by a denomination or as an individual featuring the author’s name.

I use a devotional, but I also like to open my Bible and begin reading God’s Word; whatever I open to or what I am impressed to read.

Isn’t it wonderful to have scriptures illuminated in the early part of your day?

Today, I opened to DO NOT WORRY. It is written in red letter, which means, Jesus is talking.  I have heard many a sermon given from the passage of Luke 12:22-31. But did I learn from any of them?

I admit, I do think too much. A lot of energy is wasted thinking about the list of to do’s; which include repairs to the house, chores, shopping for necessities, ordering scripts or calling for new ones, scheduling appointments and keeping them, family, care giving duties, exercise, menus, writing and what I should be doing next.

Did you see anything in the aforementioned list that mentions seeking His Kingdom? No. The swirling cloud over my head amounts to worry. A mountain of stuff with a load of stress piled on instead of sitting at the feet of Jesus.

I’m glad the Lenten season is underway. It is a time of seeking His kingdom first, in the middle, last and even during the night when not sleeping is the case.

It is a time of repentance and each person’s area of life that needs change and growth is different.

It is a time of refreshing and renewal.

It is a time of walking more closely with Christ, keeping in step with the Spirit and accomplishing His purpose.

Staying on course in seeking Him first will lead to an enriched celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.

The answer to the habit of worrying about the distraction of responsibilities is given in the last verse of the passage listed above-“But seek His Kingdom and these things will be given to you as well.”


God bless your Lenten Season! 




Autumn Abundance to Blessed Abundance

With Autumn’s abundance come the showering of leaves the trees shed.

 The maple trees bordering one corner of my property seemed to have been rather abundant this year. I had a carpet of 2-3 inches of that abundance that raked into 2-3 feet piles.

My neighbor had been watching the leaves  that were from another neighbor’s property,   shower onto my property.

I thought there had been more this year  than I had ever raked before.

 I won’t be stingy, though. I am more than willing to share the abundance with whoever may need a few…thousand…of  the thousands.

I was reminded of the Bible verse from Revelation 22:2. “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. And the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.”

I think there will likely be  an abundance of leaves  since they will  be used for the healing of the nations in God’s Holy and Eternal Kingdom. 

 After seeing Jesus, one of the things I am looking forward to seeing  when God takes me to heaven is the tree of life with a blessed  abundance of “healing” leaves.

Today would have been my late husband’s birthday.  I may not be able to celebrate  Jerry’s birthday, but I know we will celebrate a greater day when together with the Lord in Heaven.

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