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Happy Birthday!

Today, in this crazy backwards world, it would be rare to hear of an individual stating that they are celebrating their Spiritual Birthday. It was on this day, August 23rd, 1998, that I was delivered from a 26 year addiction. An addiction that I am glad to be free of. I was miraculously delivered from tobacco.

Research shows it is one of the most addictive substances. That is why I know it was and still is a miracle. I had no desire to return to the habit in all these 18 free years!

I could not quit on my own, though I tried many times and as many different solutions that I could think of to stop.

It happened at an altar of prayer. I asked a dear Pastor to pray with me after the church service that morning.

But, before the miracle, came one defeated woman asking, seeking and knocking. The night before, I said to God, “God, You parted the Red Sea, You raised Your Son, Jesus, from the dead, where is my miracle? If you don’t help me with this bondage of addiction, I will be lost forever!”

I would not recommend being so bold as to ask in the manner that I did almost two decades ago, but I was desperate.

God is so good. He didn’t turn away from my unholy way of asking. He mercifully saw my heart of despair and had compassion on me.

After praying, I could feel the bands of thick, heavy, rusted, iron bracelets pop off my wrists! I felt lighter than air. I thought, “There really is a magic carpet and I’m riding on an invisible carpet ride of Jesus!”

Then, there was a thick force shield, like the holograph-type you may have seen in a Star Wars film or some Sci-Fi movie, that went completely around me in circle fashion and nothing could penetrate it. No longer did I have the urge to puff on one of those cancer sticks!

Jesus broke the chains of  my slavery to cigarettes and set me free in a way that defines who I am forever.

I am His child, saved from the penalty of sin that He bore on the cross as He died for me. Free to love and serve Him. Free to worship with out the hindrance of  something that was between us. Free to receive the abundance of His love and goodness as I daily walk with Him.

Yes, I am able say that I am 18, because it was eighteen years ago that I was delivered and set free. I was born again, and am a new creation indeed!

“So if the Son sets you free, will be free indeed.” John 8 36 (NIV)

Thank you, Jesus, for your mercy, grace, love, sacrifice and for delivering me from sin and addiction.

I hope you find these words to be encouraging. If you have a story of a miracle that Lord has done in your life, feel free to share it here.




14 and Counting

I’ve interrupted my series to share a special occasion with those of you  who have been reading my blog.

14 years ago I had come to a point of desperation because of my numerous failed attempts to quit smoking. Not an easy feat to be free of the frequent urge to light up and puff away on cancer-sticks.

My only hope was to turn to the Lord in prayer. “God, you parted the Red Sea. You raised your Son from the dead. Where’s my miracle? If you don’t deliver me, I will be lost forever- unable to repent.”

I prayed until morning and attended the Sunday worship service. Afterwards, I asked the Pastor to pray with me.

“What do you want me to pray with you about, Virginia?”

 I’m having trouble with this, that and the other thing. And,  oh, something I’ve been struggling with for 26 years.”

When he finished praying, I felt shackles pop off my wrists.  This chain smoker was no longer chained to smoking. I was free, free, free!

God’s power kept me from any temptation to return to the old habit, furthermore, I didn’t have withdrawal!

Now that’s a miracle!

August 23rd will always be remembered as my Spiritual Birthday. It was on this date that Jesus set me free.

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