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I hear your voice draw me close

To a deeper walk with Thee

You know my heart, its desires and my dreams

But it’s Your plan and purpose I need to seek

Every hidden thing, every cell, thought and deed

Is seen by You, for You created my inmost being

A broken and contrite heart You will not turn away

Your healing balm restores my soul as I in earnest pray

I lay my life, my plans and concerns before Your Throne

May Your Sovereign Will be done that I may glorify You alone

In sweet communion and bliss I meet with you here

You shield me from hardships, toils and snares

With whispers of love You draw me nearer still

In a harmony of praise Your music the air fills

You closely watch over and guide me with tender care

A friend like no other, a husband beyond compare

And I long to tarry in this intimate union

In Your Embracing Love, a Divine Fusion

Once broken and contrite I entered this place

Now there’s healing in my heart, it transforms my soul and face

Thank You, Father, for Your perfect Embracing Love

In Your mercy and grace, You sent Your only Son

Jesus willingly left His Throne from on high

The King of Kings humbly lived, for all humanity He died

It was our guilt, our shame and sin on the cross You bore

It is our souls You saved, Your Embracing Love restores

Every insult, betrayal, condemnation, sorrow, bruise and pain

You endured for our sake, a new life in You we gain

Flogged and beaten beyond recognition

A crown of thorns You wore for our sin condition

With Your last breath You breathed on the cross at Calvary

Embracing Love won us all everlasting victory

But for the joy did You give Your all

How merciful, gracious and wonderful You are

You blessed us with the Comforter You sent

After Your Resurrection and glorious assent

Your Presence, Lord, is all we need

It is so sweet to sit at Your feet

But You bid Your saints into the world to go

Making disciples and helping each one to grow

Embracing Love, our only hope in life

Help us to serve You as a living sacrifice




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