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Dear Readers,

I have copied this important post that Glynda Kinsland Johnson wrote  to raise awareness about sex-extortion that is happening to youth today (8 year old to teenagers) via internet, through their computers, tablets, laptops or cell phones. Please share this post so other parents or family members may be aware of crimes committed or to prevent sex-extortion from happening to your loved ones.


The mother bear lumbers across my backyard around 7:00 pm.  She and her three chubby cubs begin to make a dinner of the pears they find below the garden.  I can’t resist watching from the win…

Source: Authentic Mothering


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  1. Readers: This article speaks of what I call cyber blasts. It shatters self-esteem, betrays trust and privacy, destroys lives and is an unthinkable crime. Be aware, alert, and on guard for your family members. Pass it on with hopes of preventing the demise of a youth’s future well being.

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