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I have an obsession with hearts. People have watched me stop in my tracks to capture a photo on my cell phone and sometimes, when I have it with me, on my camera. I’ve all but grabbed my daughter’s tablet while she’s in the midst of an intense game. “Please, Rachel, I need to take a picture, right now!” (She loves me, though.)

Have you done that with your cell phone?  No doubt, there has been more than one time that a subject matter, whether it is your pet, child, hubby, grand kids or a glorious sunset, compelled you to grab the smart phone out of your pocket or purse for a masterpiece shot of photo art.


My hearts of Wonder gallery speak volumes of how Great God is and how much He loves each one of us uniquely.

Oh How He Loves You and Me.


Comments on: "My Hearts of Wonder" (4)

  1. Maybe that is because you have a big heart and God has gifted you with that ? ❤️

    • Or maybe it’s His Way of getting me to pause and pay attention to the one that’s in control?
      Ness, you inspire so many. Even the lessons we learn, the mistakes we’ve made or the blessings we share help others to grow.

      Look forward to being inspired!

      • Virgina, I am humbled so much by your comments – they have brought tears to my eyes. I have made so many mistakes but you are right we learn and move forward 🙂 love you lady!

  2. These are definitely reminders for you sweetie…that God loves you so much! Hear it!!

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