Pursuing the Presence, Purpose and Power of a closer walk with Christ

January is a good time for me to re-organize my house. More time is available if there isn’t too much snow to deal with. The Winter of 2016 so far, snow has been scant. Amongst the clutter of too many magazines, notes from sermons, journals and books, I found an inspiring poem written by the evangelist, Norman Moore.



For some of us in our past there’s pain and much abuse.

The hurt is great and the scars are deep, and we wonder, “what’s the use?”

As anger boils down deep inside from suffering in our past, sometimes we react in harmful ways, needing victory that will last.

We read and pray and seek advice, trying hard to cope.

How do we handle our abusive past? Is there any hope?

Face it, forgive it and forge ahead His Spirit comes to say.

We can recover from old hurts and enter a brand new day!

To face the hurts and forgive the wrongs is not an easy task.

But only then can we forge ahead to real victory that will last!


Be inspired to forge ahead to lasting victory! Can you hear the Victory song?

“Victory in Jesus” by Eugene M. Bartlett, 1939

“He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1Corithians 15:57) NIV



Comments on: "Forward and Onward Victory" (4)

  1. You’ve described the pathway to freedom. Thank you!

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