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Throne of God and AngelsI

I wonder what it’s like, in Heaven on Christmas Day.

Do the angels sing Happy Birthday and songs of Glorious praise?

We find in Scripture they’re created to give God glory, it’s true,

But can they know the joy that comes from the grace of receiving you?

The joy that we your people in our humble earthly abode,

Find in the transformation when we’re redeemed and reborn.

They’ll never know the fullness, deep in the sinner’s heart,

When delivered from the penalty of sin, that was present from the start.

To know your name is hand-written, by God in the Book of Life,

Not earned by one’s own merit, but by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Yes, they rejoice each time a sinner repents, yet they long to look within

And know that through the Holy Spirit, this Gospel that was given.

Do our loved ones that have gone before, join with the angel throng,

And gather ‘round your Holy throne in everlasting song?

Those now living in eternity know joy, more than ever before,

There’s no sorrow, death, pain or tears beyond the Golden shore.

We’d like to think they celebrate, the birthday of their King,

Someday we’ll see beyond this realm and together we’ll forever be.


Comments on: "Heaven’s Christmas" (6)

  1. Laurel Smith said:

    Very beautiful especially on the anniversary of my mother’s passing.
    It provided so much thought and comfort. ♥

  2. Lovely poem! Merry Christmas to you! And wishing you a blessed 2015.

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