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Can Jesus be seen in your reflection or is the Light too dim?

Can Jesus be seen in your reflection or is the Light too dim?

Have you ever walked over to a mirror to check your appearance but couldn’t see well enough because the lighting was too dim?

I have, but oddly enough, it occurred in a dream. I dreamt I tried to look at myself in a mirror but was unable to see my reflection due to poor lighting.

While I was thinking about this strange dream, the light went on in my head. I came to the conclusion, since Jesus is the light of the world and if he is living in us, that light should be shining for the world to see. His reflection needs to be evident in how we live, act, and speak.

Would you agree if you have a healthy self-image, it radiates in your face and demeanor?

But what causes the light to be the opposite of what it should be? Could we allow things to blur or block his image? Perhaps we allow anger, unforgiveness, envy, jealousy, a critical spirit or a bad attitude which hides the light of Jesus and consequently, others can’t see Jesus living in us.

For me, my light was dim due to my low-self esteem. If I focus on how much prettier, younger, slimmer or more successful another person is, I’m comparing my-self to them. My focus shouldn’t be on the temporal outward appearance, but the inner beauty of joy, peace, love and the new creation Christ has wrought in me. I am transformed by Christ’s power working in each area of my life, though it’s an ongoing virtuous woman progress.

What do you see in your reflection and what do others see in you?


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