Pursuing the Presence, Purpose and Power of a closer walk with Christ


    I didn’t finish the sentence which was a  prayer of desperation.  I remember the turn signal Jerry, my beloved husband turned on, sounded like a loud echo in slow motion; b-link, b-link, b-link, b-link. The surreal effect made it appear as if I were watching a Hollywood thriller that kept me in a suspense of surprise, shock and horror.  Next,  I heard the blood curdling sound of tires screeching behind us and I closed my eyes… hoping… praying… and thinking we had made the turn successfully into a driveway and missed what was coming complete with the terror I was feeling.
   It was only hours earlier that I paused on my sidewalk and looked around at the beautiful flowers and herbs and then up at a clear blue sky on that bright sunny day. I prayed, “Thank you Father, for my family and everything you have given us.” After…

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