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Fruit or Vegetable?


Comments on: "Fruit as Sweet…" (6)

  1. I choose to make it a vegetable…..I eat too many fruits as it is and not enough vegetables….I vote Vegetable!

    • We do use it as a vegetable. It is a fruit because it has seeds. These tomatoes are from the best garden center. I am blessed to have the widow’s discount when the owner,also a widow, is there. The 2 pots of sauce are done, now I have to get the jars ready, another half hour, then fill and process them. When will I be done? I hope before Sunday School!

  2. Gosh those tomatoes are so beautiful. Bet they are tasty. Mighty tasty. Are they from your garden??? I vote fruit because the definition of a fruit is that it has seeds. Tomatoes have seeds. So technically, is it a fruit (although we eat it as a vegetable).

  3. As long as they come right from the vine, we can call them Anything you like! Yummy!

    • They are and the sauce was very good. The only thing I didn’t like wa sthe breaking of 5 jars in the 4 batches I did. I did a lot of research and think I know why. But, I am going to freeze the next batch!

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