Pursuing the Presence, Purpose and Power of a closer walk with Christ

 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”(John 8:36 NIV)

Does the typical high school teen living in today’s society realize they need a Savior and that they can experience true freedom?  There may be many high school students who are unaware that they are bound by sin and addiction.

When I was attending highschool years ago, I didn’t have a clue, but God did. He sent 2 older teens, a boy and a girl, to talk to me one day while I remained behind in the cafeteria. Most everyone else had gone to the gymnasium for a pep assembly. But there I sat alone, feeling a bit forlorn.

“May we sit down and talk to you?”  I was surprised and answered in the affirmative.

They continued, “Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior?”

I replied, “I know He died on the cross for our sins.  I go to confession, Mass and take communion every Sunday.” I became uncomfortable when I realized I had sin in my life and thought that others were aware of the fact. As I look back to that period of time, I think what I was sensing was the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

 “Do you want to know him and know that your sins are forgiven?”

I am sad to say after praying with the two witnesses, I did not go on to live a Christian lifestyle. I remained stuck in my selfish ways. I continued to drift in and out of various churches throughout the years and later and concluded that I had been hindering the Lord.

I found a Holiness denomination that taught sanctification. I wanted God to take control of my failed attempts and to be free from an addiction that, at best, leads to sickness and death.

One night, in desperation, I cried out to God.

“God, I need your help. You know how many times I’ve tried to stop this habit. You parted the Red Sea. You raised your Son from the dead. Where’s my miracle? If I can’t be free from this, I will remain unrepentant and lost forever. Please help me.”

I prayed and fasted until morning. After the worship service, I asked the pastor to pray with me at the altar.

“What do you want me to pray with you about, Virginia?” he asked.

I recited a list of the everyday problems then added, “And something I’ve been struggling with for 26 years.”

As soon as he finished praying, I physically felt fetters pop off my wrists.  The chains of addiction no longer kept me in bondage. Jesus set me free! I felt lighter than air and that I was on a carpet ride; high and lifted up. There was an invisible spiritual force shield all around me.  I had no withdrawal or temptation because of God’s power. And he has continued to keep me free nearly 15 years! What’s more, God delivered my husband 6 months later. The miracle passed over to him. And it’s because God’s word says, “And the two shall become one flesh”, that we both benefitted being set free from the same addiction.

I am free from sin, addiction and the consequences of the fall of mankind, which is eternal death! Jesus’ death on the cross brought true freedom from sin and death. “… you shall be free indeed.” Let freedom ring!


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  1. So proud of you Gin for allowing the Lord to move in your life and to testify without fear. praying for you.

  2. Reblogged this on GreenGinger and commented:

    Let Freedom Ring

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