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Mother’s day is  this Sunday May 13th, 2012. For those of you who can still cherish your mother with a visit or call, what a blessing. I hope you and your mother have a special Mother’s Day. 

For those of you whose mother has passed from this world, may your fond memories comfort you in her absence. It is also a blessing to know you will see your mother again when reunited in heaven.

We can thank Jesus for the hope of being reunited. It was his sacrifice on the cross for the sins of the world that made it possible for all who have believed and received him,  to be included in the resurrection.

The picture of my mother’s magnolia was taken the year after she died. She would have loved to see the spectacular show of blooms. A close-up reveals how delicate  its flower is. Many associate the magnolia as a symbol of gentleness, nobility, strength, beauty and dignity.

I think my mother’s character  reflected these virtues as well. She was an amazing woman to raise 9 children. She was comforter, teacher, nurse, mediator, encourager, chauffeur, domestic engineer, and the many other roles she  fulfilled in her lifetime.

Thank you Lord, for blessing me with a wonderful mother.


Comments on: "My Mother’s Magnolia" (4)

  1. Beautiful Magnolias. Happy Mother’sDay, Friend.

  2. Beautiful…. From this Virginia I can clearly see the wonderful woman you have become. Your mother has definitely rubbed off on you. You are one of the most kind women I know. Mothers; always putting others first. We all do this, but the blessings that come from doing this make us feel abundant. The magnolia reminds me of my grandmother. I miss her very much. Thank-you as always for your beautiful works. Vanessa

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