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There are some people who have spiritual, moral and character greatness. They are faithful to God in church attendance, they pay their tithe and give offerings above that, they serve in ministry, and volunteer for various noble causes.

But do you know many people who are willing to rise  before their sleep is finished just to pray?

This was the challenge Rachel Kuhn gave our congregation last night when talking about missions.

A Pastor in South America would thank God for the 30 people who were in the congregation, annually. The second year, someone died, so there were 29 people in the congregation. The next year, a baby was born so there were again 30 people. He asked God , why isn’t the church growing? God told him to pray. Ask other people of the congregation to pray. At 4:00 AM  every day!

So he did and a few people of the congregation also prayed at 4 AM.

Then the Lord began to do extreme things. The congregation grew in an amazing way, year after year.  A few decades later, there are  15, 000 people attending the many services scattered throughout the day and evening.

I like hearing stories  of God moving through lives because someone had a burning desire to do his will.. Stories that encourage others to seek fervently the face of God. Anyone want to join me ? Agreeing in prayer everyday at 4 AM  for the growth of the Christian church, for the revival we so desperately need in America, for our loved ones and neighbors to live in the abundance of Christ or to come to Christ.

Howard Russell was kind enough to take a picture of the candles that adorned the altar this past Sunday. Go Light the World. We are called to do just that.View IMAG0677.jpg in slide show


Comments on: "Get Up and Pray at 4 AM?" (7)

  1. Honestly, I have mixed emotions about this. If it really is the Lord who is asking me to pray at 4AM, then I hope I’d respond with a big “YES LORD”! But sometimes I been tempted to work so hard at being a Christian that I’ve lost my true joy. Sometimes I think the Lord wants me to rest…. So which is it? I think you just gotta know what God is personally saying to you. And I do believe He blesses our obedience. Thanks for sharing Virginia! You go with God!

    • I have found I can easily be over-committed to different ministries/projects and burn out as a result. Seeking the Lord for guidance before I commit is essential to have his joy remain full. He said he would give us the desires of our heart, so I ask to have his desires placed there.
      I have noted 4 church members testifying that the Lord woke them up to pray at a certain(different hours of the night). They were refreshed and had energy for the day ahead. I found this to be true Sunday night. I woke to pray at 4AM(I did not set my alarm or intend to do this) and prayed a while then returned to slumber. I was energized and full of joy the next day.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I tend to agree with Barb too – but I do think every person has to be alter to God’s voice…. And He has a message for each of us that is unique just as we are unique. I pray His voice will always funnel through me…. For example, God told me to come to him and rest; He said, My yoke is easy…. I was full of worry for my mom… And I came, He joined me with someone that is seeing the same dr as my mom, and has been through the same experience. They met yesterday for teh first time, and mom is reassured and so is my dad. Perhaps a friendship will bloom from this! God is so AMAZING! I came to Him and am able to rest…..

  2. I don’t know if my comment got posted…. If it didn’t I think it is the evil one again… I will persist. I agree with Barb to some extent and with you Virginia… God has a special message for each of us, it is unique just as we are unique… The key is being open to God’s voice, slowing down and making sure you can “hear”. God said to me a few weeks ago, come to me my Yoke is easy…. I did come to Him, and tried not to fear…He joined me with a lady that is giong through the same thing as my mom, and as it turns out they share the same Dr. They met yesterday. I am the only one at work that knows this lady is going through this… You see God is so Amazing….! I am so very blessed to hear his voice, I just pray I will continue to 🙂

    • Did you know that coming to him to rest means more than the obvious. Yes, we can rest from the burden we carry because he promises to carry it when we bring it to him. Rest means to pray, have communion with him. Many times I’ve been so weary, I go to my room to be alone before the Lord and something amazing happens. I am renewed, refreshed and energized afterwards! It is the opposite of state that I came to him, before his throne of Grace.

      • Yes isn’t it amazing! God is great!

      • I appreciate your friendship and support, Vanessa. I’ll be praying for great things at your up and coming conference. Take some extra money for tapes, if they sell them. I still have several from the She Speaks Conference 2010 and they have helped me tremendously. You can’t get everything in your notes or even remember what has been said for that matter. But the tapes, you can listen to over and over again.

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