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No,  the unexpected Easter blessing wasn’t a hidden egg  that remained undiscovered after the Easter egg hunt was over.

It wasn’t the flowers bursting forth in a vibrant array of colors that I didn’t remember planting.

Of course,  Easter is the time when Jesus rose from the grave defeating death and giving victory to us all over sin and death.  Yes, it is a very special blessing to know this truth and be filled with the very Presence of God, but it is expected each year as we celebrate the Resurrection.

The Unexpected Easter Blessing was discovered when following up with a specialist after I  accidentally injured my eye over the weekend.  On the Saturday before the Resurrection Celebration,  I was dying my hair. I reached up over my head to apply the loaded paintbrush of color,  and the excess was flung into my right eye.

I rinsed my eye right under the faucet 3 different times, but it looked like I caused some damage to the lower lid, tear duct and  the inner corner of the cornea. The tissue was distorted. I called  the emergency care center for advice and headed there for treatment pronto.  While on my way, I asked my daughter to send  out a couple of quick texts for immediate prayer. I also called a friend that I often partner with in prayer. (Thank God for prayer warriors in the body of Christ that uphold you in prayer.)

An hour later, the doctor said he didn’t see anything wrong with the eye,  but looked at it under a black light after applying stain. I think that “treatment” helped the least. I was sent home with some eye flush and soothing ointment. The emergency room doctor’s instructions were to follow-up with my eye doctor as soon as possible.

In the Easter service the next day, the injured eye became more painful, so I removed one pair of dark sunglasses and donned a lighter pair. The pain continued, so I tried leaving that pair off and I discovered I didn’t have pain in that eye any longer. I continued the rest of the day without them and went to the ophthalmologist appointment on Monday afternoon. After the assistant examined me, she said my vision improved since 2009 in my right eye…the eye that I assaulted with dye!

The unexpected Easter blessing of healing and improved vision occurred during the church service! Jesus still heals miraculously. He is alive! Alleluia!

Do you have a special Easter blessing that could be shared? Leave a comment at the end of this post. May God continue to give unexpected blessings to us–everyday.


Comments on: "An Unexpected Easter Blessing" (9)

  1. What a beautiful Easter story! Praising God for your miracle!

  2. Awesome Easter miracle. Rejoicing with you.

    • I have been blessed to enjoy another Easter Celebration. I’m glad didn’t give me what I deserved, which is punishment for me sins. He gave me Eternal Life through his Son Jesus who took my punishment. Thanks for stopping be. God bless your Father. Keeping your and yours in prayer.

  3. God is good!!!

  4. I just happened to findcome across your website and your post An Unexpected Easter Blessing A Virtuous… Woman… Progress. The essay you have written down really causes me think. Thanks for the write up.

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