Pursuing the Presence, Purpose and Power of a closer walk with Christ

Great Peace!

Great Peace!  Some may think this is a statement used in a similar way as, “Land Sake!”  I’ve never heard anyone say, “Great Peace!”  But God has said it and it is a true statement.

God’s Word is full of wonderful truths and he wants to reveal his truths to us,  if we would only spend time to look for them and allow his power to touch our lives.

Palm Sunday afternoon was one of those occasions. I must tell you I was feeling somewhat down, yet I couldn’t put my finger on why. I journaled a few lines about it and then added,  “I’ll just count my blessings”.  

I then felt compelled to open my Bible and read. I read a chapter from Isaiah, a chapter from Ezekiel, after which I flipped back through the pages of  the Prophets and over to Psalms 119.

If any of you read the Psalms, you know how long this particular chapter is. The page I was on was the latter part of 119. After a few verses, I came to verse 165. The heading over this section was “Sin and Shin”. I thought, “Maybe there is something here I might find to write about on the subject of peace.”  God is so good. He put it upon my heart to look for peace in his Word and I found it!

“Great Peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.” (Psalms 119:165 NIV)

And you know what else? I noticed I wasn’t feeling down. I was feeling lifted up and full of joy. 

I not only had joy and peace, but later that evening,  I told others about what God had done for me. More joy was added! 

 I also found another truth in a song that the congregation sang in the evening service.  In the second verse of  Dwelling in Beulah Land, it says:

“Far  below the storm of doubt upon the world is beating;

Sons of men in battle long the enemy withstand.

Safe am I within the castle of God’s Word retreating;

Nothing then can reach me ’tis Beulah Land.”

I was safe as I retreated in the “Castle of God’s Word”.  I had found “Great Peace!”

Do you have “Great Peace”? In your quiet moments, what kind of thoughts are racing through your mind? Is there resentment or anger or maybe you carry a burden of too much work, too many responsibilities,  or too much stress? Why not open your Bible, breathe a prayer for help and retreat to God’s Castle. There you will find the Great Peace you need.


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